Finland’s winter is famous for being dark and cold. It is quite difficult for the commuter to use the public transportation during the winter time. That is because they are unable to see their stop, especially on some of the routes that run around Helsinki’s suburbs which don’t display stop names.

Two concepts were prototyped to experience how could this problem be solved.

This first concept is an interactive installation using the constellation as a metaphor. It functions as a way to show the next bus stop as well as it creates an atmosphere for the passengers of being under the night sky, full of stars. The passengers represent the multitude of stars on the ceiling, which will start to blink when a passenger is fully seated.

The second concept is an app that shows the rout in colour using real-time data visualization. The app collects the geolocation data, the number of passengers entering and exiting the bus on each stop and the time to visualize the route in colour.

The 506 was a one-hour bus route that ran from Viiki to Pohjois-Tapiola through Arabia, Pasilia, and Otaniemi. It was an important connection between two Aalto campuses, Arabia and Otaniemi, and it was a vital route for many commuting students. However, the route has changed on 15th of August 2016 and also the Aalto University has moved from the Arabia campus. 

There are many ways to communicate a journey or display information, but our goal was to create an enjoyable experience of riding the bus especially in the winter’s of Finland.


Team: Ryo Yoshikawa

Acknowledgment: Jeroen Carelse, Michihito Mizutani and Taro Morimoto

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