Empathy through the soundscape of cities

Let’s start with the name, the word “boom” refers to several objects like: sound boom, log boom or ship boom. It also has other common meanings such as: economic boom or sonic boom.

Cityboom is a concept for crowdsourcing mobile soundwalk-sharing application with open source software license. The goal was to enhance the perception of cities from the local’s and the tourist’s point of view. The idea was envisioned so that cities and their stories could connect people and their surroundings which otherwise would be stumbled upon.


  • UI/UX Design
  • Product Design
  • Soundwalk
  • Soundscape
  • Social Media
  • Cities


  • The City of Helsinki


  • iPhone 6 plus playful PSD mockups by FGD
  • Minimalistic Phones Mockups by Gumroad

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