Kampung Stories

I always wanted to be a positive member of my community. In order to achieve that, I realized communication is one of the most important factors. As a daily issue, I wondered how we can communicate without pre-judgments following by discriminations regarding, religion, ethnic, language, gender and any other related aspects and how I can play my role as a mediator.

My solution was to experience, storytelling, one of the eldest forms of communication. By storytelling, we share our stories. We share chapters of our lives. We find connections and, thus we will understand each other better.

Because of the chaotic lifestyle we are dedicated to and the consequences of modernization. We are not able to communicate and understand each other as we used to, so-called “clean communication”. It is important to underline, some are in need of a smile, hug, an ear to talk or even trying to find was is it to be loved. The Kampung stories emphasise to expose this important. They have spoken through their drawings, voices and pictures. Now they are willing to be heard.

Kids are the most creative and honest people and, they love storytelling. As well, places which are far from the major cities would be the location to target, as the stories are still pure and unheard.

I have asked the kids to draw their thoughts, spent time talking and interviewing them in order to collect their stories and took pictures from their living environment, daily activities, family and friends and other related topics to their stories. To do this documentation, more than 3 thousand still images were taken using three digital cameras, 350, 500 and 600 Canon and, 4 different types of lens, 16-35, 70-200, 50, 18-55 Canon. Two large reflectors, one flash, three tripods and two foam boards were used to capture different scenes. Mostly the equipment was used to take portrait pictures of the kids. Furthermore, kid’s explanations about their drawing and the interviews were recorded by a camera recorder for further studies about their expressions and body language.

In regards to the participant’s privacy, I have decided not to publish their images on the internet. But here is a trailer for the installation.

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