Klorofill - Hack your heritage hackathon


As an experience, Klorofill is a personalised game-like interactive app that uses video as an organising principle to trigger off nostalgic sound experiences. The audiovisual content is generated from Finnish public broadcasting company, YLE’s archives. This project was made during the Hack4FI 2016 edition hackathon, where hack your heritage has had put open Finnish cultural resources to use!

In worldwide public media archives, typical metadata tagging practices cater to the computational ontology of location, time, sound source, etc. – hence are highly fragmented/limited in its creative reuse capacity. At the same time, YLE has a dedicated public user base with strong profiles of contexts – and hence currently technical metadata can have an additional layer of customizable meanings. We wanted to explore what reprogrammable contexts would generate meaningful metadata. The result was Klorofill. Klorofill can be hence rephrased as a small app that breaks down conventional metadata into a transformative audio-visual experience.

The app is designed for an easy laid back experience of archive material. A personal login immediately organizes the metadata into meaningful “datasets” that feature categories relevant to the user group. Our current simulated “user profile” is for kids, hence an educational context organizes the material under culture and nature. Once categories are chosen, audio is fed into “memory blocks” that become a playground to explore the various diegetic sounds of the past. This audio memory game unravels into a running video in the back, where an invisible array of keys invite the user to explore the various sounds around the video. information about the video is available in an “about section”. Elders, families, teenagers can be similar user profiles for which Klorofill opens up new spaces of interactive experience from YLE’s archive databases.


Klorofill wireframe and structure - hack your heritage hackathon
Klorofill wireframe and structure – hack your heritage hackathon


Team: Ranjit Menon, Tuomas Nolvi and Samman Banerjee

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