Player using a combo gesture for paper "Hadoken-paper"

Stone, paper, scissors, fight!

This two-player game uses the Street Fighter game as an additional feature for the traditional stone, paper and scissors (rock-paper-scissors) game. Enabling a more exciting user experience for the game players in times when they end up with the same equal powers.

In this game, the legendary characters of Street Fighter, Ryu and Ken Masters move-set Hadoken are used as Hadoken-stone, Hadoken-paper and Hadoken-scissors. So, whoever reacts faster using the feature could have higher chances to win the match.

Two wearable gloves containing conductive fabric working as switches are made that are connected to the computer. Commands are made by the user through different hand gestures. For example, if there is two paper shown there will be a hand gesture to use one of the special features for instant “Hadoken-fire”. The special effect displaying the fire on the floor will start moving from one user to the other.

This project was part of the MA in New Media programme at Aalto Media Lab and has been exhibited at the Media Lab 2013 demo day.


Team: Thomas Thibault

Acknowledgment: Valtteri Wikström

Music: Krutfotboll by Dubmood


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