Fjord's well being kit

Well-being Kit

Fjord Helsinki wanted to experience a well-being program for its staff. The idea was to help the employees to keep on rocking the creativity and productivity without burning out and becoming ill. Therefore, a specialist was hired to create a list of exercises with its detailed specifications. Which then for a period of 30 days an employee would choose an exercise per each day to keep on rocking! This would then change over the next month with a new set of exercises.

I was assigned to create the whole concept without building an app or anything digital instead use paper and pen, like a few years back before being getting fully digitalized.

As a result, I created a booklet for the employee to mark and take personal notes, a card deck for all the exercises were one side of the card was the exercises itself along with its category and code and on the other side the detail specifications. Finally, a set of posters were designed and installed all around the office to promote the concept and invite the employees to participate.


Client: Fjord Helsinki

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